Hockey for Humboldt Adult 4-on-4 Tournament


May 17 2018


Adult 4-on-4 Charity Tournament


Minimum donation of $675 per team ($75 per player minimum suggested donation)

On Friday, April 6, the town of Humboldt Saskatchewan, the SJHL, the hockey world, our country, and really the world in general was shocked and shaken by the tragic incident and subsequent losses surrounding the Humboldt Broncos Junior 'A' Hockey Club.

Next Generation Hockey, the Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs, and the Bell Sensplex have pooled their combined resources and expertise to host this one-day 4-on-4 adult rec hockey tournament to raise proceeds to support the victims of this tragedy.

100% of all proceeds generated will be donated to these victims through the appropriate channels.

Let's all come together for a day of fun on and off the ice as all of those affected by the tragedy would want to see done, to support members of our extended hockey community.

There is no set cost for this event, however teams must donate a minimum of $75 per player and are encouraged to solilcit donations from friends and family members to increase that amount. All donations will be payable on the day of the event at the Bell Sensplex. The Bell Sensplex will collect all donation fees and ensure 100% of proceeds will be donated to the victims in Humboldt.

Teams will each participate in a minimum of three 4-on-4 hockey games.

#HockeyForHumboldt Team jerseys are INCLUDED for all teams courtesy of Gadar Promotions.

Competitive'ish vs Recreational'ish division selection:
This tournament is 100% for charity and should be all about just having "fun" as we raise funds for a cause that hits so close to home for us all. As a result, please ensure you do not select the recreational division if you plan to field a team of mostly strong adult rec hockey players. If your team will have several so-called "weak links" please select the lower tier. If you plan to have a team of mostly strong hockey players, please select the competitive tier.


Each team will participate in a minimum of three 4-on-4 hockey games, followed by a "for fun" championship game.

Teams will play two games in the morning and one in the afternoon with a mid-day break for lunch.

Games will be played using 40-minute ice blocks.

Max Roster Size of 9 skaters + 1 goaltender

Mens (Co-ed)