IP Fundamental Skills

Learn the skills needed to enjoy hockey more than ever with our IP Fundamental Skills program.

The IP Fundamental Skills program is dedicated to teaching the foundational skills needed by all hockey players, in a once-per-week format designed to supplement their minor hockey program as an IP or Junior Fundamentals player.

The core focus of the program is an emphasis on proper skating technique, as players will work on developing the basic mechanisms of a strong and efficient skating stride and improving balance and agility. Over the course of the program, lessons will include forward and backwards stride, starts & stops, crossovers, and tight turns. Instructors will also introduce the key concepts of passing, shooting, and maintaining puck control, in order to ensure well-rounded development.

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Our qualified instructors will correct and properly demonstrate each skill in a fun and comfortable learning environment, designed to increase each player's confidence and enjoyment. Skaters will work in small groups at stations with extended times to increase the number of repetitions, with constant error detection and correction from instructors. Our lesson plans are designed to be fun for all participants and feature great instructor-to-participant ratios in order to ensure personalized feedback and proper support for all players.

We believe that perfection and excellence comes through repetition and as such all subsequent sessions while following the same basic program outline and structure will focus on, with new drills and other small variations, the same basic course outline.

Key Details

  • Ages 4 to 6 (2012 - 2014)
  • Full equipment required (see below)
  • Cost: $265




Miscellaneous Information

IP Fundamental Skills Curriculum

Weeks Skating Skills Puck Skills
1 Hockey stance, balance, hand positioning & knee flexion Basic puck handling & control in motion
2 Backwards stride, turns, balance & stopping Shooting (Stationary and in motion)
3 Balance, turns & introduction to pivots Stationary passing & puck handling
4 Tight turns, crossovers & balance Open ice puck handling & passing in motion
5 Edges (Inside, outside, gliding edges), tight turns & transitions Passing & puck control in a crowd
6 Tight turns, backwards skating & turns Puck control, puck handling in motion
7 Tight turns, backwards stride, stopping & transitions Puck handling & passing in motion
8 Review of all skills Review of all skills

Ages, Levels

  • Ages 4-6 Initiation Program (IP) - born 2012-2014


All of our hockey programs require full equipment to be provided by the parent/guardian. No child shall participate without: Hockey skates, CSA-approved helmet (with cage), neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, jock or jill, shin pads, hockey gloves and a hockey stick. Mouth guards are optional.


Please call 613 599 0222 or email [email protected] for more information regarding schedule. E-mails with scheduling and general information go out one week prior to the start date.

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