Ottawa Senators Summer 4-on-4 and NEW IP 3on3 League presented by Villanova Dental


July 8 2017 - August 20 2017

The Ottawa Senators 4-on-4 and 3-on-3 League presented by Villanova Dental Studio showcases fun and free-flowing hockey, without stoppages, faceoffs, or coaches. Participants can expect fast-paced games plus playoffs, great player-of-the-game prizing & a league jersey, the opportunity to be as creative as possible with the puck, and more league-related benefits to provide the ultimate hockey experience!

Location: Bell Sensplex (Kanata) or Richcraft Sensplex (Gloucester)

Only leagues of their kind sanctioned by Hockey Canada (Hockey Eastern Ontario)

4-on-4 League Details:

  • 20 regular season games plus playoffs
  • Features divisions for Novice, Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget
  • All divisions are coed.
  • Body checking is not permitted at any level.
  • 22 minute games played across full-ice

3-on-3 League Details:

  • 20 regular season games plus playoffs
  • Available for the Initiation level, following the new Hockey Canada mandate
  • All divisions are co-ed and non-contact
  • Games to be played on half-ice using professionally installed temporary rink-boards placed along the centre-ice red line. 

Why have 3-on-3 Half-Ice Hockey for IP Players?

It's FINALLY here! The Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs are excited to be able to offer this NEW option for your child's fun and development for the 2017 summer season!

Hockey Canada is implementing a new policy that mandates cross-ice/half-ice hockey at the initiation level starting in the 2017-2018 season. Studies have shown that skill development can be drastically enhanced when players are playing on a surface that has been adjusted to their age. So say "hello" to IP 3-on-3 half-ice hockey!

Working in tighter spaces, players are doubling their touches on the puck, producing six times more shots on net and passing to teammates more often when compared to traditional full-ice games. Transitioning from full-ice to half-ice hockey encourages more puck battles, more changes in direction and more scoring opportunities. 






*Please note that TeamSnap will be available on July 5th. TeamSnap is a software that organizes your schedule so you can have it at the palm of your hand! This is the perfect way to manage all your activities this summer!





In order to provide a FOR FUN atmosphere, we will not be releasing the standings until when it's necessary for playoff seedings.

Ages for the Summer 2017 League will be based on 2016/17 minor hockey ages:

  • IP - 2010-2012
  • Novice - 2008-2009 (Intermediate & Advanced)
  • Atom - 2006-2007 (Competitive & Recreational)
  • Peewee - 2004-2005 (Combined)
  • Bantam - 2002-2003 (Combined)
  • Midget - 1999-2001 (Combined)

At the Atom level, the recreational division is for those participants who are currently at any level of House League in the 2016/17 minor hockey season. The Competitive division is for participants who play at the House A or Competitive levels in the 2016/17 minor hockey season.

If you are unsure about or have any questions pertaining to this please call at 613-599-0222 or email us prior to completing your registration. Participants enrolled in the incorrect division may be moved without prior notice. Also, please note that the divisions referenced above will be separated into exclusive divisions by ability where enrollment warrants. Combined divisions (Rec / Advanced) will be run where enrollment does not warrant a split. In each case, teams will be balanced to ensure the best possible experience for all. Full-team enrollments are not permitted in any Ottawa Senators youth league to protect competitive balance

We Love Goalies!

Goaltenders who register for any of the Ottawa Senators Youth Spring & Summer Leagues will receive a special discounted price ($285 for Summer 4-on-4) and a fabulous development opportunity of facing MANY more shots than in any typical minor hockey setting. They will also receive ALL of the following exclusive benefits:

  • Guaranteed friend request honoured (goalies can submit the name of any one skater at the same level and they are assured to be placed on their team, provided no other goalie has requested that player)
  • A promo code valid for 10% off goaltender entry into any of the 2017 Ottawa Senators Summer Hockey Camps at the Bell Sensplex and Richcraft Sensplex (promo provided immediately after registration)
  • Priority access to play bonus games to cover for goalie absences at NO ADDITIONAL COST (no “spare” goalies will be given this opportunity before our full-timers!)
  • 100% ice time guarantee (only one goalie will ever be accepted per team)


All league games are 22 minutes in length (with two games occupying a one-hour block of ice time). The buzzer will sound every one minute and 30 seconds to signal a line change, so that all players receive equal ice time. Games will be scheduled back-to-back or with a one game break in-between, so that each team plays two games on any gameday. Please note that all divisions are Coed. Body checking is not permitted at any level.

Game Days:

Bell Sensplex - Games may be played on all seven days of the week - there are no set game nights for any division

Richcraft Sensplex - Games will rotate between Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays

Click here for a complete set of rules

Cost and Payment Schedule

4on4 League

Skaters: $305 (including HST)

Goaltenders: $285 (including HST)

3on3 League

Skaters: $289 (including HST)


Hockey Canada Insurance / Sanctioning Fee (only applicable to players who did NOT play in a Hockey Canada sanctioned league during the 2016-17 season): $35 (please select at time of registration!)

Additional Notes

Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO) Sanctioning:

All Ottawa Senators Youth Leagues are sanctioned under Hockey Canada through HEO (Hockey Eastern Ontario). All participants who played in a registered minor hockey association during the 2016/17 are fully covered under this sanctioning. Any participant who did not play in a registered minor hockey association is required to purchase the HEO Sanctioning fee at the time of registration.

Girls who are currently registered players within the OWHA are already insured by Hockey Canada and therefore are not required to pay the additional HEO sanctioning fee. Only in the case where the participant has not been registered with either of the OWHA or the HEO would you be required to pay the fee.

Friend Requests:

In order to ensure balanced teams, please be advised that only ONE (1) friend request will be accepted per participant. All one-to-one friend requests will be honoured by league administrators, as long as they are received prior to releasing the rosters. Requests may be completed during your registration. Any participants who request more than one friend will automatically void their submission. Goalies are exempt (please see why WE LOVE GOALIES! above). This policy will help the 4-on-4 league strive for fair and well-balanced teams; while allowing participants to meet new teammates!

Please note that circular friend requests will not be honoured. A one-to-one friend request is valid when Player A requests to play with Player B and Player B requests to play with Player A. A circular request (that will not be honoured) is when Player A requests to play with Player B, Player B requests to play with Player C, and Player C requests to play with Player A. All three of the requests in the circular example will be automatically voided.

League Balancing:

League administrators will use information provided during registration (level played during the 2016-17 season) to create teams of equal skill level at the start of the season. During the first four weeks of the season, each team will be evaluated by league coordinators and staff. Balancing moves will be made in order to ensure all teams are as equal as possible. These balancing moves will be made in such a way that friend requests are continuously honoured throughout the season. If you have any questions about the balancing process, please don't hesitate to contact league staff at 613-599-0222.

Still have any questions? Click here to visit our FAQ page!

Refund Policy: Read our Refund & Cancellation Policy.

Any inquiries may be directed to [email protected].