PD Day Hockey Camps

Breakaway from boredom and develop game-changing skills with a PD Day Hockey Camp!

Keep active on your day off of school with an Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs PD Day Camp. Players will receive three hours of on-ice instruction, designed to improve their skills through error detection and correction, a free lunch from Stanley's Restaurant, and valuable, hockey-related off-ice activities. All for the low cost of just $99.

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  • Players will partake in 3 hours of on-ice instruction & mini-games built around a combination of our power skating and dynamic skills programs.
  • Topics covered will include skating technique, puckhandling skills and all around skill development.
  • Off the ice campers will receive hockey specific instruction that includes drills and games to increase agility, strength and speed. They also get a free lunch!
  • **Cavanagh Sensplex/Bell Sensplex Camps: Activities to take place at the Cavanagh Sensplex, however drop-off and pick-up is done at the Bell Sensplex for those living closer to that location. A supervised shuttle bus will take participants to and from the Cavanagh Sensplex.**

Program Dates

June 9- Richcraft Sensplex & Bell Sensplex


June 9th - Bell Sensplex

 PD Day Camp Packages

*NEW* this year, campers have the opportunity to register for both Public and Catholic Board PD Day Camp package. The packages are only avaliable for our west-end facilities.

FOUR Day PD Day Camp Packages ($349)

- Includes your choice of three out of the four all-board camps.

- The additional board specific PD Day Camp.

THREE Day PD Day Camp Package ($269)

- Includes your choice of two our of the four all-board camps.

- The additional board specific PD Day Camp.


Not all PD DAY camps accommodate all schools or boards. Please check your child's schedule in order to make sure they have the day off!

Ages, Levels

  • Ages 7-8 Novice - born 2008-2009
  • Ages 9-10 Atom - born 2006-2007
  • Ages 11-12 Peewee - born 2004-2005


  • All of our hockey programs require full equipment. No participating without: Hockey skates, CSA-approved helmet, neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, jock or jill, shin pads, hockey gloves and a hockey stick. Mouth guards are optional.


Please call 613 599 0222 or email [email protected] for more information regarding schedule. E-mails with scheduling and general information go out one week prior to the start date.


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