Spring Breakaway Youth 3-on-3 Tournament presented by the Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs


March 10 2018

Join us at the Bell Sensplex on March 10 for a single-day 3-on-3 tournament, featuring both competitive and recreational divisions!

Kick off your March Break with a fun, single-day tournament for players of all skill levels from IP to Bantam combined. All players are guaranteed a minimum of four, fast-paced games on Saturday, March 10.

Register a whole team (6 skaters and a goalie) for the incredibly low cost of just $360 for all divisions.

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  • All players are guaranteed a minimum of four cross-ice games, using half-hour blocks at the Bell Sensplex.
  • A championship game at each division for qualifying teams.
  • Great prizing for champions, as well as participant gifts for all players.
  • Both recreational and competitive divisions are available.
  • Body checking is not allowed at any division, to ensure an enjoyable game for all.
  • Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs staff will serve as facilitators for each game, ensuring fast, fun hockey for all participants. (Timekeepers will also be provided by the tournament.)
  • Recommended team size is six skaters + a goaltender, though teams are welcome to bring more players should they wish (please notify tournament organizers if that is the case).

If March 10 doesn't work for your team, our Summer Breakaway 3-on-3 Tournament takes place on June 16 at the Richcraft Sensplex!


  • Novice Recreational: 2009-10
  • Novice Competitive: 2009-10
  • Atom: 2007-08
  • Peewee: 2005-06


Novice Recreational

Novice Competitive




Please note that all players will be required to bring both a light and a dark jersey. The buzzer will sound every one minute & 30 seconds to indicate a full change, though players may also change on the fly. Gameplay will consist of one, running time 22-minute period, with a two-minute warmup. Teams will be awarded two points for a win, one point for a tie, and zero points for a loss.

In the event two teams are tied in the standings at the conclusion of the round-robin, playoff seeding will be detemined based on the following order: 

  1. The head to head result involving the teams tied (two-way ties only or if one team has beaten all others they are tied with).
  2. The team with the most wins in round robin play.
  3. The highest ratio of goals for divided by goals for plus goals against [GF/(GF + GA)] 
  4. Coin toss by the tournament coordinator or a designated representative.

Overtime will only be played in playoff and championship games if regulation time produces a tie.  Overtime shall consist of:

  1. A shootout with 3 skaters from each team. The team that scores the most goals with these three skaters will be declared the winner. The higher-seeded team will have the option of shooting first or last.  If the teams have the same number of penalty minutes in the game, the HOME team will shoot LAST.  Once the order is determined, it will remain the same for all future rounds of shootout.  A player from one team will go, followed by a player from the other team, and so on until all 3 designated players have gone.
  2. If still tied a sudden-death shootout with one player from each team.  Each shooter must not have participated in any prior round of the shootout.  Whichever team shot first in the previous round, will once again shoot first.
  3. Repeat step above until no skater remains that has not yet participated from either team. At this point the shootout will continue in reverse order starting with the player who has most recently shot.  This will continue until a winner is decided.

For more information please give us a call at 613-599-0222 or send us an email at [email protected] 

Competitive / Rep
House League / Recreational


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