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Coming soon!

Ultra Speed

Enhance your decision making ability under pressure with the NEW Ultra Speed Program!

This program builds upon the wildly successful and sold out Ultra Speed summer hockey camp which ran for the first time ever in 2018. It will challenge players to perform skills and make decisions at ultra-high speeds to help them react to ever-changing game conditions each and every shift this season. This program is available exclusively at the Bell Sensplex.

Evening Adult Skill Development

Develop the skill set needed to be a well-rounded player, with a progressive focus on skating technique, followed by shooting, puck control, and passing.

All sessions will feature a controlled scrimmage at the end of each class to illustrate key points in game situations (while stopping play where necessary).

Morning Adult Skill Development

Start off your mornings with a combination of our popular Performance & Power Skating and Complete Player Development programs! In this 12-week program, participants will focus on all aspects of key hockey skills such as skating, shooting, puck control, and passing, followed by a controlled scrimmage similar to our latest Practice & Play program.

Next session begins Fall 2018!

Holiday Hockey Camps

Make this holiday season truly memorable with an Ottawa Senators Holiday Hockey Camp! Our hockey camps provide world-class instruction both on and off the ice, in a fun and supportive atmosphere designed to develop game-changing skills and improve each player's enjoyment of the game. Available at the Bell Sensplex and the Richcraft Sensplex from January 2 to 4. Registration coming soon!

PD Day Hockey Camps

Breakaway from boredom and develop game-changing skills with a PD Day Hockey Camp! 



Intro 2 Hockey

Introduce your son or daughter to Canada's favorite game, in a fun, supportive environment under the watchful eye of our best Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs instructors.

Next session begins Fall 2018!

Performance & Power Skating

The Performance & Power Skating program is designed to push participants to become more efficient and powerful skaters. It will include lessons on forward and backwards stride, starts & stops, crossovers, tight turns and overall lateral mobility.


Complete Player Development

Become a great all-around player with a class designed to hone the fundamental skills needed to succeed this season! The Complete Player Development program will teach proper skating habits - designed to make you a more powerful and efficient skater - while also giving you thorough instruction on the proper methods of stick-handling, puck control, shooting, and passing.

Next session begins Fall 2018 ! 

Girls Only Scoring Clinics

Develop the skills needed to fill the back of the net, in a program designed specifically for female hockey players.This eight-week program will feature stations designed to improve shooting accuracy & power, enhance puck control abilities, and teach girls to capitalize on net-front opportunities (particularly compete levels and scoring on rebounds).

Next session begins Fall 2018! 

IP Fundamental Skills

The IP Fundamental Skills program is dedicated to teaching the foundational skills needed by all hockey players, in a once-per-week format designed to supplement their minor hockey program as an IP or Junior Fundamentals player.

Next session begins Fall 2018!