Ottawa Senators Spring 3-on-3 Youth League presented by Villanova Dental

Why Choose 3-on-3 Half-Ice Hockey for your Child?

After a successful pilot 2017 season, the Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs are proud to be expanding this unbelievable league option for your child's fun and development for this spring season! 

Studies have shown that skill development can be drastically enhanced when players are playing on a surface that has been adjusted to their age. Say "hello" to 3-on-3 half-ice hockey!


The summer season of Ottawa's top recreational hockey league operates out of the Bell Sensplex in the city's west end. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 19 games between April 30 - August 31, 2018. Mens' 19+, and Womens' 19+ divisions offered.

Edgeworks Morning Sessions

Take control of your edges during this 8-week morning program that breaks down the fundamental components of skating efficiency, power, balance, and agility, combined with advanced hockey-specific station work which will enhance the skills of any player! All session led by Ryan Smyth, our Head of Hockey Development, and one of our lead figure skating instructors.

Current session continues: April 26 at Bell Sensplex

On-going sessions are pro-rated!

Evening Adult Skill Development

Develop the skill set needed to be a well-rounded player, with a progressive focus on skating technique, followed by shooting, puck control, and passing.

All sessions will feature a controlled scrimmage at the end of each class to illustrate key points in game situations (while stopping play where necessary).

Current session continues until Tuesday, May 8 at the Bell & Richcraft Sensplex

On-going sessions are pro-rated online!


Adult Evening Modified Goaltending Academy

One-on-one goaltending instruction designed to improve positioning, mobility, and technique, followed by incorporation into drills.

Current session continues until Tuesday May 8 at the Bell & Richcraft Sensplex

On-going sessions are pro-rated online!




Morning Adult Skill Development

Start off your mornings with a combination of our popular Performance & Power Skating and Complete Player Development programs! In this 12-week program, participants will focus on all aspects of key hockey skills such as skating, shooting, puck control, and passing, followed by a controlled scrimmage similar to our latest Practice & Play program.

Next session begins: Tuesday April 10 (Bell Sensplex) / Wednesday April 11 (Richcraft Sensplex)

On-going sessions are pro-rated online!

Shooting & Puck Control

Develop the ability to shoot with accuracy, quickness and power, the confidence to maintain and control the puck in every game situation, and the stick-handling techniques needed to take your game to the next​ level.


PD Day Hockey Camps

Breakaway from boredom and develop game-changing skills with a PD Day Hockey Camp.



Intro 2 Hockey

Introduce your son or daughter to Canada's favorite game, in a fun, supportive environment under the watchful eye of our best Ottawa Senators Hockey Programs instructors.

Next session begins May 22 & May 23 - limited spots remain!

Performance & Power Skating

The Performance & Power Skating program is designed to push participants to become more efficient and powerful skaters. It will include lessons on forward and backwards stride, starts & stops, crossovers, tight turns and overall lateral mobility.