My daughter has taken part in 2 skills training sessions with your team. WOW is the least I can say. Hats off to an amazing team of instructors for their patience, kindness and professionalism. The love of the game, new skills and constant smile to my daughter is thanks to you! No words will ever be enough but thank you. You are definately a WORLD CLASS organization. THANK YOU ALL!

- Inam Darwiche, Ottawa, ON

Joshua had a fantastic experience and clearly benefited from the very enthusiastic team of councillors and the extremely knowledgeable coaches employed to deliver the programmed. On the ice he developed and improved significantly over the five days and with this came an increased confidence to make friends with his fellow participants.

- Richard Grieveson, Scotland, UK

Thanks again for this 4 on 4 league this year.  It was definitely the most enjoyable hockey experience my son has ever had.  It really showed Logan how fun hockey can be while allowing him to bring together specific skills he learned last winter.

- Patrick McCabe

I think very highly of the program, the instructors are top notch, and all the programs have been well organized. I thank you and your skill development programs for not only teaching skills but improving self esteem and confidence.

- Lauri Smith

I just want you to know that I have found this an AMAZING program. Your Sparty's Learn to Skate is professionally run, the instructors are all kind, knowledgeable and very sweet. The kids learn valuable skills and receive great attention from the instructors. My daughter has learned more in 1 class than my other daughters learned in 2 semesters with another program. The regular information we receive, as well as the emails prior to the class starting was very informative and helpful and greatly appreciated. I can not rave enough about the Sensplex and the Skate with Sparty program.
So Thank-you!

- Donna Malizia

I found that the 4 on 4 helped boost the kids confidence and let them work on some skills that they might not during the "regular" season due to the improvisation and encouragement to skate and try new things, rather than being confined to a specific position or system. The two teams that my (three) sons were on had a really good atmosphere both in the dressing room and on the ice with the boys getting along and meeting new friends.

- Eian

Thank you very much for the tour last week. We were all very impressed. You were all great with the children; your activities and conversations were all aimed at their age level. Thank you so much for the drinks and the handouts, children love to take something home. We will definitely keep you in mind for future visits. Once again thank you for your time and effort.

- Catharine Miller, Staff & Children at Kanata Montessori School